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Logitech PM5 Precision Lapping & Polishing system

D6913.72-01 D6913.72-02 D6913.72-03 D6913.72-04 D6913.72-05 D6913.72-06 D6913.72-07 D6913.72-08 D6913.72-09 D6913.72-10 D6913.72-11 D6913.72-12 D6913.72-13 D6913.72-14 D6913.72-15 D6913.72-16 D6913.72-17 D6913.72-18 D6913.72-19 D6913.72-20 D6913.72-21 D6913.72-22 D6913.72-23 D6913.72-24 D6913.72-25 D6913.72-26 D6913.72-27 D6913.72-28 D6913.72-29 D6913.72-30 D6913.72-31 D6913.72-32 D6913.72-33 D6913.72-34 D6913.72-35 D6913.72-36 D6913.72-38 D6913.72-39 D6913.72-40 D6913.72-41 D6913.72-42 D6913.72-43 D6913.72-44 D6913.72-45 D6913.72-46 D6913.72-47 D6913.72-48 D6913.72-49 D6913.72-50 D6913.72-51 D6913.72-52 D6913.72-53 D6913.72-54 D6913.72-55 D6913.72-56 D6913.72-57 D6913.72-58 D6913.72-59 D6913.72-60 D6913.72-61 D6913.72-62 D6913.72-63 D6913.72-64 D6913.72-65 D6913.72-66 D6913.72-67 D6913.72-68 D6913.72-69 D6913.72-70 D6913.72-72

2 thoughts on “Logitech PM5 Precision Lapping & Polishing system

  1. Logitech PM5 Precision Lapping & Polishing system
    Is it working condition?
    Do you have a return policy or warranty?

    thank you and best regards,
    Helen Lee

    1. This unit has recently been sold, sorry.

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